Long Term Care Activity Calendar

(Activities will be 9:30-4:00 Monday Thru Friday.  Activities will be decided on the Residents wishes and mood on that particular day.)

Activities are Subject to Change and Cancellations.  Activities depend on what the majority of Residents would like to do throughout the day.  Residents are also more than welcome to come to the activity room at any point during the day!

OPTIONS FOR ACTIVITIES INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:  History Chat, Reminiscing Corner, Spa days, Painting nails, Men’s and Women’s breakfast, Baking, Exercises, Noodle Ball, 1:1’s, TV Games and Movies, (movies include popcorn or other snacks per residents choice.) Live Musical entertainment, (when available), Going Out doors, Gardening, Crafts, Cards, Checkers, Games in the Living Area, puzzle, coloring, etc.